Sharing January

January seems to always be a busy start to the new year. We make New Years resolutions to be active or do this or that more. It seems like everyone has something or somewhere to be, and do not have time for anything else. In some cases, some people decide to pick up the extra shifts at work to help rebuild their bank account that was so severely damaged over the holidays.

But for my family, it is the struggle to remember to pick up a new birthday card or two every week and to remember to call the right people to wish them another best birthday ever. The first, the 15th, the 17th, the 21st, two on the 24th, and the 25th are the important dates we make sure are in our calendars on the wall and on our phone with reminders so we never forget.

I am not sure if it is the warmer weather, the flowers, or the alcohol consumption for the Kentucky Derby, but something about the month of May brings love in the air.

Lucky for me, I am one of those crazy birthday dates. The coolest part, I am the one who shares a birthday with my sister on the 24th. Although, I like to tell everyone we are twins,  we are actually 13 years apart!


We generally have one birthday party to celebrate everyone at once. Imagine singing the birthday song at that party! (Secret: It never goes smoothly!) It is great celebrating everyone together. On the bright side you only need one cake!

However, sometimes I hate sharing. We like to think that birthdays are all about us. Really, its not that special. You share the same date with thousands of other people. But it is nice to have all the attention on you. Except when everyone else shares a birthday with you.

Happy birthday to you, and you and you, and oh yeah you! Happy Birthday to everyone in January, hope its the best birthday ever.



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