The best superhero shows you should be watching…

Growning up I was never into the whole Superman and Batman superhero or even comic books. However, since Marvel has a partnership with Netflix, I have been binging watching the crap out of crime-fighting individuals and teams that you would think I have an addiction. Maybe I do.

This is not an argument to say whether Marvel is better than DC or vice versa. I enjoy superheroes from both sides.

But I will argue that if you are not watching these shows, you really do not know what you are missing.

Here is what you need to start watching on Netflix…

  1. The Flash (DC Comics) – You have a young, sweet and innocent Barry Allen who, after being struck by lightening after a particle accelerator explosion, becomes the fastest man in the world using his speed to defeat the MetaHuman evils.


2. The Arrow (DC Comics) – Oliver Queen, a handsome billionaire playboy, returns home, after being stranded on a hellish island after his yacht crashed, to fight crime using a bow and arrow, the training experience from the island, and his friends.


*Watch the Arrow Season 3 and the Flash Season 1 because the coincide with one another, working together to defeat their super villains.

3. Daredevil (Marvel) – Awesome blind, ninja-like fighter. The good-hearted Matt Murdock partners with his college bestie Foggy Nelson to fight criminals with the law during the day, and with his fist at night. Did I mention that he is blind?


4. Jessica Jones (Marvel) – Sole employee of detective agency called Alias Investigations, Jessica uses her superhuman strength and flight abilities to solve crime, specifically with cases involving people with super human abilities.


5. Luke Cage (Marvel) – A man with unbreakable skin and super strength gets pulled into the battle against the crime that is plaguing the Harlem streets. Also, he has a steamy relationship with Jessica Jones.


***Also look for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Gotham, Marvel’s Iron Fist releasing March 17th, 2017 and also Marvel’s The Defenders releasing Summer 2017 which features Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist as a crime-stopping team.

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