Tidy up for Spring ’17

We all want to make this year something different. Even though resolutions have been long gone by now, there are still ways to make a better you this year. It all starts with your home/room.

For those of us who live in a college dorm, apartment, or still in your old 13ft by 13ft square bedroom at your parents, there is only so much that you can revamp on the college budget. It is hard to change your old bedroom suit or repaint the old vibrant orange wall color from your teenage years.

Better Homes and Garden Magazine and HGTV captures the most beautiful unrealistic living spaces for the average joe. But one thing each room has in common that we all can achieve: minimalism!

Tidy Dorm Room     Tidy Dorm Room 2


In other words, we can all use a day to declutter. Declutter our living space, declutter our busy schedules, declutter the refrigerator of the gross month old leftovers, declutter whatever…. etc. First world problems: we just have too much stuff!

This spring break, instead of spending my last college spring break partying on the Florida beaches with thousands of other sunburned, week long drunks, I decided to stay home and declutter. (Work did not really give me a choice.)

Where does one begin? I started with my wardrobe. I have so many clothes in my closet and drawers that I do not wear. The rule is as follows: if you have not worn it in the last year, get rid of it. If it does not fit, get rid of it! We all know you are not going to lose weight to fit in that shirt next Fall. Bag it all up and give it to your local shelter or women and family center.

Tidy Your Closet


Next I moved on to old papers and trash. I cannot count how many notebooks, old essays, or other classwork that is just chilling in my school area in my room. Throw it out. It is not necessary to keep those class notes on how to measure distance and brightness of the stars in space from the astronomy course from three semesters ago. Get rid of it.

Finally, DUST!! It is not called spring cleaning without the cleaning part. Vacuum the floor and the blinds, dust the furniture, fan, vents, and doorknobs. Also, washing the sheets and bedspread. Do you know the trick to get fluffy pillows? Put your pillows, a new tennis ball, and a dryer sheet into the dryer for fluffed pillows. In addition, it is important to not to forget to wipe down any lamps and decorative items including picture frames, etc.

To finish, I used Febreeze or you can use a scented wall plug in to leave the room smelling clean and fresh.

Sound overwhelming? If you set an hour or so every day, the spring cleaning hassle will be more manageable.


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