How to book the cheapest flights to anywhere…

Best Flight Search Engines

Although no single search engine is consistently perfect, the ones below are top choice. Familiarize yourself with sites that offer the lowest prices.

  1. Skyscanner- search for the cheapest month and ranks destinations from cheapest to most expensive
  2. AirFare Watchdog- really resourceful in finding sale and error fares, send you a notification when the fares drop in price
  3. Trip Advisor- offers not only flights and hotels but recommends attractions, restaurants, etc.
  4. Jet Radar- includes many budget airlines that many search engines do not

Top Secret Search


Believe it or not, websites use the cookies in your browser to gain information about routes repeatedly searched. Flight prices increase as you search similar flight schedules in order to scare you into booking quickly before the prices climb even higher. It is best to search for flights in a private browser or incognito window to see the lowest fares.

Befriend Budget Airlines

Budget airlines offer significant lower rates than their full service counterparts generally because it compromises with less leg room or no free food or drink on board. In my opinion it is a great way to save, but be very careful and always read the fine print.

Flight Interior

Norwegian Airlines has great rates for those flying between Europe and North America, however, your travel itinerary dates must be flexible. Frontier Airlines has very cheap rates for flying across the States.

Break Up Long Haul Flights

When traveling further distances and you have to pass through multiple destinations, try booking flights separately. For instance, in May I will be flying from Louisville, Ky to Santiago, Chile. I booked one round trip flight from Louisville to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Then I booked a separate flight from Fort Lauderdale to Santiago, Chile (with a layover in Bogota, Columbia).  I saved over $400 breaking up my flights.  It is more challenging to have flights match up with enough layover time in between but the savings make it worth it.

Travel Agents Offer Sweet Deals

Yes, I know there is a myth floating around that travel agents often over charge. However, there are many awesome deals with hotel and flight combos that have deals too good to pass up. It never hurts to contact an agent to see what they have to offer. In addition, the also can give you advice on airlines and routes to take, as well as take the stress of booking and itinerary planning off your shoulders.




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